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Lateral Water Taxi Service

Welcome aboard the Fire Island Water Taxi Lateral Service, your gateway to the stunning beaches and vibrant communities of Fire Island, New York. Travel effortlessly across the Great South Bay, enjoying the convenience and flexibility of multiple pick-up and drop-off points along the island's coast. Whether you're seeking tranquility in secluded places like Saltaire and Fire Island Pines or the vibrant atmosphere of Cherry Grove and Ocean Beach, our modern fleet ensures a swift, comfortable journey tailored to your desires.

Relax in our spacious seating or step onto the open deck to absorb the breathtaking views of the island's natural landscape. Our experienced captains and crew focus on safety and hospitality, making your trip not just seamless but truly memorable. Start your island adventure as soon as you board with us. For customized trips or to check out our flexible scheduling options, visit our schedules page or contact our office. With boats running almost round-the-clock, a convenient and enjoyable experience is just a ride away.

Fire Island Water Taxi Resolute Docked in Cherry Grove

To Confirm a Pickup or For More Info

Call 631.665.8885

Benefits of Lateral Service

  • Convenience and Accessibility: Navigate Fire Island effortlessly with multiple stops along the coastline, providing easy access to various destinations.
  • Scenic and Enjoyable Journeys: Enjoy picturesque views of the Great South Bay and Fire Island’s natural beauty during relaxing water taxi rides.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Benefit from a flexible schedule that accommodates both regular and custom travel plans, ensuring convenient travel times.

Pricing starts at $10 for a one-way trip. For more information or to confirm a pickup, contact us at 631.665.8885. Schedules and fares for lateral service are available on our schedules page.

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